E34 - Episode 34: Doggy Doublesign Drama

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Oct 27 2022

entities that traders might have used back in the day or something like that.
But it was used by Gaddafi to avoid sanctions or well, it was used by,
it was used by Gaddafi's tax lawyers to evade sanctions.
It seems like super sketchy basically is what I'm saying.
Like the more, the more I look at it, the more I'm like.
Welcome to Game of Notes, a weekly podcast on the Cosmos from independent
ballad teams.
Yeah, we've been going for quite a while.
Hello and welcome to Game of Notes, the weekly podcast on the
Cosmos from independent ballad teams.
And I really did not realize I'd been rugged on that one.
We were just talking about bizarre Dutch incorporation strategies that as it
turns out are used for massive evasion of potentially weird criminal stuff.
So anyway, fun times, fun times.

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