E33 - Episode 33: Streaming the Group Chat

Game of Nodes: The Cosmos Podcast by Game of Nodes
Listen to @the-frey, @kingnodes, and @rhinostake get demonetized in record setting time as we discuss this weeks drama in the Cosmos.Follow the GoN crew on twitter and youtube. This week someone asked a question and WE ANSWERED IT! Then someone else asked a question and we ended the show. Take your chances by submitting your questions on  ...  See more
Oct 21 2022

person or pool and we're live
hello and welcome to game of nodes a weekly podcast on the cosmos from
independent validator teams and uh I've forgotten to do the weekly tweet the one
weekly tweet our massive marketing push and so I was just being uh just being ridiculed from that
um do we want to do some drama so as you can see we're we're very much in the old
school format of uh streaming the group call hence the hence the name for this week's episode we've had a few weeks
with some very very I would say highbrow guests like some serious technical chat
especially last week I thought um I've actually never spoken I think before to Simon face to face I've only
ever spoken on the old textnomeroo um and I was kind of
yeah what can I just clarify has has someone
done the tweet I think w

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