Gab's Oval Office

by Gabriel Calandri

Everyone has different perspectives and experiences in the grand sport of running. This podcast will aim to learn from professionals, but also the future (college and younger). Think about this as an intersection between intriguing dialogue and fun! My name is Gabe, aka "Gab", a college DIII runner and will try my best for something to resonate with you! Enjoy.

Podcast episodes

  • Episode X: Kelsey Kobus

    Episode X: Kelsey Kobus

    To go from college athlete to college coach is a very unique experience from Kelsey Kobus, alum of TCNJ, who speaks about that transition and her own career in the sport! Hope you enjoy.

  • Episode IX: Tyler Morris

    Episode IX: Tyler Morris

    Regionals is around the corner in division 3 running and with this opportunity, some individuals and regionals are hopeful to make a push towards qualifying for XC Nationals. For Tyler Morris of Colby College, the spotlight is nothing new and he expects to make the most of these experiences in his senior year.

  • Episode VIII: Nicole Arita

    Episode VIII: Nicole Arita

    The life of Nicole Artia, a walk-on turned captain of TCNJ's women's cross country and track teams. Learned a lot about her career and what it took for her to get to where she is.

  • Episode VII: Emily Hoegler

    Episode VII: Emily Hoegler

    Transferring? Often the thought can be daunting but few realize this option, for Emily Hoegler the idea became reality. Transferring from Widener University to The College of New Jersey, she found herself and succeeding!

  • Episode VI: Abbey Wheeler

    Episode VI: Abbey Wheeler

    What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? For Abbey, it is not comparing yourself to others but trusting your training and have confidence. Also, how running is an individualistic sport where it's up to U, not anyone else. We talked about topics including professional running, strength training, the city of Boston, and more! Please enjoy.