Game For A MovieExplicit

by Mike Buhtanic

4 friends compete in various contests. Whoever loses has to watch a terrible movie. Filled with reviews of good and bad movies. Please subscribe! Want in on the conversation? Add us on Facebook and Instagram @GameForAMovie or Twitter @GameForAMovieP1 
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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E35 - Bratz: The Movie

    S01 E35 - Bratz: The MovieExplicit

    This one ended up going a little longer than normal but well worth it! This week we stuck to mostly new movies but include very little spoilers (all minor, no big plots). Mitchell caught the latest from Marvel with Black Widow. ...

    Jul 24 2021
    Jul 24 2021
  • S01 E34 - The Secret: Dare to Dream

    S01 E34 - The Secret: Dare to DreamExplicit

    It's our most dangerous bad movie ever! What makes it dangerous? Take a listen and find out! Also learn about Kid Detective and Army of the Dead. The bad movie was The Secret: Dare to Dream which got Katie Holmes 2 award nomin...

    Jun 17 2021
    Jun 17 2021
  • S01 E33 - Warcraft

    S01 E33 - WarcraftExplicit

    We are back! After an unintentional hiatus Jill, Mike and Andre meet up for episode 33! Jill, true to her musical fan self, took us through the story of the Beatle's film Help! Mike talked about Phil Lord and Christopher Miller...

    Jun 01 2021
    Jun 01 2021
  • S01 E32 - The Happytime Murders

    S01 E32 - The Happytime MurdersExplicit

    Is it still weird that we released another episode before episode 30 was recorded? Yes? Well deal with it! It will happen eventually. In the meantime you get an episode where Mike watched the Hulu original Boss Level. Andre c...

    Apr 07 2021
    Apr 07 2021
  • S01 E31 - Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood

    S01 E31 - Vampire Boys 2: The New BroodExplicit

    Back by popular demand, it's the Vampire Boys sequel! Mitchell had to tackle the sequel without seeing the first of course. But before that we have the classic film Clue from Mike and The Farewell reviewed by Jill. We also said...

    Mar 22 2021
    Mar 22 2021