Game For A MovieExplicit

by Mike Buhtanic

4 friends compete in various contests. Whoever loses has to watch a terrible movie. Filled with reviews of good and bad movies. Please subscribe! Want in on the conversation? Add us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GameForAMovie


Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E65 - We Talk About Incest Sometimes

    S01 E65 - We Talk About Incest SometimesExplicit

    Unfortunately that title is true. But incest in way I guess? Jill and Mike talk about Quasi, The Night Agent, Queen Charlotte and even some video games. Oh and of course incest. Find out why, now!

  • S01 E64 - Waiting for Jarnathan

    S01 E64 - Waiting for JarnathanExplicit

    The gang's back together! We have reviews of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor (Honour?) Among Thieves, Air and of course the Super Mario Brothers movie. We also talk about what's next for the Super Smash Universe. All of this while wa...

  • S01 E63 - Looking Back

    S01 E63 - Looking BackExplicit

    Mike has watched 24 bad movies for this podcast so far. Now seemed like as good a time as any to go back and rank them from best bad movie to worst bad movie. Hear a synopsis for each as well as why it was positioned the way it ...

  • S01 E62 - Life Without Dick

    S01 E62 - Life Without DickExplicit

    Sarah Jessica Parker, Harry Connick Jr. and Johnny Knoxville?!? How could this movie fail? Well Mike is here to tell you how. It's a combo Valentine's Day/St. Patrick's Day episode since the Irish mob is involved too (wish I wa...

  • S01 E61 - Quiz of 2022

    S01 E61 - Quiz of 2022Explicit

    It was a big year of movies and TV shows. Let's see how much our hosts remember of the movies and TV shows of 2022. Of course play along as well! Then send us your scores to @GameForAMovie on Twitter!