S03 E34 - Airvine Wireless Backhaul, Snapdragon X75, Cohere Technologies, iPhone 5G Standalone, Nokia & NTT in 6G and Superbowl 5G Stats and NBA All-Star 5G Activations

The G2 on 5G Podcast by Moor Insights & Strategy by Anshel Sag and Will Townsend
In this 134th episode of The G2 on 5G, Anshel and Will Cover:1. Startup Airvine announces wireless backhaul for indoor deployments - what makes it unique?2. Qualcomm Snapdragon X75, Rel. 17 modem and Rel. 18 ready with 10CC CA in mmWave and 5CC CA in Sub-6, converged transceiver as well as 2.5x AI performance in a modem3. Cohere Technolog  ...  See more
Feb 17 2023

 Welcome to episode 134 of the GT on 5g. It's the latest inside scoop on everything 5g. We cover six topics in about 20 minutes, and it's brought to you by more insights and strategy. I'm Will Townsend and joining me again this week is fellow analyst Ancho. Let's get started with my first topic and I wanna talk about a startup called Irvine.

And I actually recently spoke with the company to talk about their technology, but they've they've made their big splash announcement. They're focused on a wireless back haul solution for indoor deployments. And so I'd like to spend some time on why I think it's unique. So in talking to the company, They're leveraging the 60 gigahertz millimeter wave unlicensed spectrum to basically create a back haul solution for indoors.

And what's really cool, the

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