The G2 on 5G Podcast – AT&T Dynamic Defense, AT&T Nationwide Outage, MWC 2024 Barcelona Previews and Anticipated Themes, Qualcomm R&D Demos, Singtel App-based Slicing and Sony’s 5G Transmitter

The G2 on 5G Podcast by Moor Insights & Strategy by Anshel Sag and Will Townsend

Episode notes

In this 181st episode of The G2 on 5G, we cover:


1. AT&T launches Dynamic Defense 


2. The AT&T nationwide cellular outage, explanation and hasty conclusions


3. MWC Barcelona 2024 and three anticipated themes


4. Qualcomm R&D Demos and Other pre-MWC 2024 Announcements, including 6G


5. Singtel claims first app-based 5G network slicing capability


6. Sony’s new portable 5G transmitter for live video or large still images