Retaining Your Top Talent with Flexibility and Joy (featuring Debbie Lovich, Managing Director & Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group)

Future Work by Daan van Rossum

Episode notes

This week, it's my great pleasure to host TED speaker and Boston Consulting Group Managing Director Debbie Lovich.

Debbie has done a ton of research on making work work that has been published on Forbes, HBR, and BCG.

Since top talent is up to 10x more productive, our discussion delved into what truly drives joy at work and its profound impact on employee retention and effectiveness.

Here’s what I picked up from this fascinating conversation.

1. The Link Between Joy and Retention

Debbie's research revealed that employees who enjoy their work are far more likely to stay with their company. The retention rate more than doubles for those who find joy in their job compared to those who don't.

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