Google’s ChatGPT Killer Gemini is Here, But Fake? Should You Use It? Future Work #65

Future Work by Daan van Rossum

Episode notes

You may have heard Google launched its “ChatGPT Killer” Gemini, and that part of it was fake.

What actually happened? And should you use Google's new tools?

That and more in this week’s Future Work, the 65th edition, and the last one of 2023:

  • Google Launched Its ChatGPT Killer “Gemini: Google unveiled Gemini, a new AI technology designed to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. ‍
  • Key Features: include its multimodal capabilities (processing text, video, voice, and code from the ground up) and enhanced reasoning abilities, positioning it as more intuitively intelligent than existing models. ‍ ‍
  • Controversy and Comparison with ChatGPT: Critics note that Google's comparisons with GPT-4 may be unfair. Gemini has not yet been released ... 
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