AI Creates $100k+ WFH Jobs – But What About Women? // Future Work #64

Future Work by Daan van Rossum

Episode notes

Want to make up to $153,698 working from home?

Then you're going to love new AI jobs.

And surprisingly, a lot of them are not even in tech.

But – one danger looms – that of women falling behind.

Why's it? We've got it all covered in Future Work #64:

  1. AI's Ramp-Up in the Job Market: AI job postings on LinkedIn more than doubled between July 2021 and July 2023, and applications rose by 19% in the US and 11% globally. This includes many roles outside of the tech sector.
  2. AI Pays More: Amazon research shows that employers pay an average of 47% more for employees with AI skills and according to data analyzed by CNBC, many AI roles can be done from home and pay between $127k and $153.
  3. Women Risk Falling Behind: Howeve ... 
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