Future in Finance #14: Understanding & Satisfying Customer Needs

The CeMAP Study Podcast with Future in Finance by Charlotte Hemmingway

Episode notes

The CeMAP Study Podcast that continues to inject vibrant energy into finance! 🎙️

Get ready for an exhilarating new episode as we delve into Topic 14: Understanding and Satisfying Customer Needs, brought to you by your hosts, Charlotte & Maria (the money muggle).

In this week's episode, we'll serve as your knowledgeable guides through the fascinating realm of customer needs, demystifying intricate concepts and presenting them in an easily digestible manner.

No more dull jargon – we promise an enthralling and interactive discussion!Anticipate a blend of valuable insights, spiced with a touch of playful language to keep things engaging!

Whether you're new to the world of understanding customer needs or seeking to deepen your expertise, this episode is an absolute must-listen! Join us as we embark on an exciting adventu ... 

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