Funfiltered Episode #073 - "We Are No Longer the Youth of Today"

Funfiltered by Funfiltered

Episode notes

Week last, I was listening to another (another?!) podcast that shall go unnamed because time and attention are zero-sum games. I'm not gonna direct any stragglers elsewhere. I'm Mr. Monopoly, mothershuckers*, and while I mayn't have a moustache, a top hat or any real estate holdings beyond personal space, I'm in the GETTING business... Admittedly, if this boutique whinery that Jordan and I operate required any capital investment, we'd be redder than Chairman Mao. So it's good that the only things we pour into this enterprise are toil and bile.

Upon this anonymous podcast, one of the hosts remarked that she had an aversion to compiling top-ten lists and the like, describing the endeavour as particularly "male". My curiosity tickled if not piqued, I dived into the scant research in this area. The first result coughed up by the search  ... 

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