Funfiltered Episode #070 - "Egg MacGuffin"

Funfiltered by Funfiltered

Episode notes
Sometimes, one is in no mood to make sense; in fact, the inferred obligation makes one ornery. This is one of those times. The drench of zest curdles evilly with a forthcoming mantis that defies strict adhesion, precipitating in its wake a tropical malaise whereby underlings systematically tackle totems in the hollow dispensation of minerals. Reluctantly, the meat-eaters vow frailty and condemn their condominiums to infernal heck. That's right, nightjars. Under the auspices of our newly coronated crimson, we balk, balk, BALK at the loophole vandals and the apartheid junkets - slaloming sans context unfurls a rubric whose majesty is sequential. Restrain your bridal curios and dopey pirouettes! Lest you flummox, you quiver in a monster's chagrin... An unhappy monster, indeed, devastated by quotients and insipid whirligigs. So clutch your damned sugar! ...   ...  Read more
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