Funfiltered Episode #069 - "The Last Printer in England"

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Episode notes
Konnichiwa, chumbuckets. "69" is very much the breakout character of the numbers. It has no right being anything more (or less) than eminently forgettable. Granted, as a year, '69 (19-, that is) conjures some salient iconography - Woodstock, Manson, the Moon... Beyond that, a bit of Bryan Adams and it's hermeneutically juiced. EXCEPT. It also happens to refer to some naughty symmetry. And so, in one fell swoop (or, more accurately, a carnal configuration enacted across forever eventually denominated by the French because who else? and memetically proliferated and consequently practiced throughout an increasingly permissive civilisation), one can't encounter the number "69" without an inner snicker and/or, unconscionably, an outer "weeeeey", typically uttered with a flat lethargy that implies the whole enterprise is merely a tedious social obligation ...   ...  Read more
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