Fulmar's FollyExplicit

by Static Airwaves

Two years after civilisation collapsed from the Wasting pandemic, the Cooper family fight for survival aboard their small sailboat Fulmar’s Folly. Hunted by pirates, haunted by the infected and forever battling the sea herself - each episode is told from a different family members point of view.

Fulmar’s Folly will test your anxiety, provoke your emotions and ultimately take you on an unforgettable journey.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

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    Trailer for Fulmar's Folly: - Struggling to survive aboard a small sailboat, the Cooper family endeavour to find the inner strength to carry on in a hopeless situation that surrounds them in death, hostile survivors and the extreme forces of nature.

  • S1 E1: Fear

    S1 E1: Fear

    Tensions fray when Arrietty's parents break the unwritten rule and approach another boat.

  • S1 E2: Broken


    S1 E2: Broken


    The horror of Calypso is unveiled as desperation forces the family to return to the other boat and Arrietty opens up about what it was she saw before they left land.

  • S1 E3: Letting Go

    S1 E3: Letting Go

    A determined predator chases Fulmar into a storm leaving the family in an impossible situation.

  • S1 E4: Infected


    S1 E4: Infected


    The Cooper's lockdown as their boat is boarded by the terror that drove them from land.