Hold Onto Hope - a Doctor's Perspective

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In the weeks episode, Han is joined by specialist eating disorder doctor, Chuks Nwuba!

Chuks works on an inpatient eating disorder ward in West London, and it is his aim to provide treatment to those who deserve it; and to the level they deserve.

With Chuks, we discuss the role of a doctor in eating disorder treatment, the importance of an MDT, and the vital need for education of GPs in order to improve eating disorder treatment (oh, and money and recognition).

We also talk about the impact of development on eating disorder prevalence, the impact eating disorders have on hair, skin, and the nervous system, AND the role of exercise and the impact of excessive exercise!

This episode is PACKED and it was an honour to speak to chuks about his experience and understanding. There can be a lot of negativity towards services but  ... 

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