America's Got Talent, Stand-Up Comedian, Harrison Greenbaum

From Suarez's Basement - A Communication, Media, and the Arts Podcast by Francisco J Suarez

Episode notes
Imagine graduating at the top of your class from the Psychology school at the prestigious Harvard University and deciding, right after, to move careers to become a stand-up comedian. It sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. Our special guest for this episode, the successful stand-up comedian and comedy writer Harrison Greenbaum, did this, and it has paid off big time for him. Harrison has his own stand-up comedy show in Las Vegas as part of the famous Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil, performing seven nights a week. He also writes for Comedy Central Network and participated in America’s Got Talent. In this episode with Harrison Greenbaum, we explore the roots of comedy, its relationship with human behavior as well as the importance of discipline to become a better comedian. Don’t miss this great episode of From Suarez’s Basement! You will love it!
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