From Uniforms to Unicorns Explicit

by Lauren Cleveland and Sharon Fernandes

Welcome! We are so glad that you are here! We are two friends, moms and business owners that happened to meet in prison. For years, we have been dodging the constant curiosity around our careers as corrections officers - and now we, and others are talking about it, sharing stories and connecting to shed light on the unspoken world of Corrections.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • S05 E11 - U2U.S5.E11 - Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart

    S05 E11 - U2U.S5.E11 - Cynthia Hamilton UrquhartExplicit

    "Extra-ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things". This is how Cynthia describes first responders and the people that love them. Cynthia served as a RCMP for 25 years - and is married to an RCMP member. Throughout those years sh...

  • S05 E10 - U2U.S5.E10 - Wendy Lund

    S05 E10 - U2U.S5.E10 - Wendy Lund Explicit

    We are constantly in AWE of the people that we get to chat with on the podcast. Wendy Lund was no exception to this. She is the CEO/Founder of Wellth Management Inc. A nurse by trade for 23 years with a passion for helping First R...

  • S05 E09 - U2U.S5.E9 - Cindy Weir

    S05 E09 - U2U.S5.E9 - Cindy WeirExplicit

    We hear it a lot in the Veteran and First Responder world - my dog saved my life. PTSI service dogs are extremely hard to come by, and they are very expensive. Our guest this week, Cindy Weir experienced this firsthand when she se...

  • S05 E08 - U2U.S5.E8 - Dr. Jody Burnett

    S05 E08 - U2U.S5.E8 - Dr. Jody Burnett Explicit

    We know that part of the reason that first responders don't reach out is because of the stigma attached to struggling with your mental health. We also know that there are significant barriers that stop first responders from seekin...

  • S05 E07 - U2U.S5.E7 - Melissa Scheltgen

    S05 E07 - U2U.S5.E7 - Melissa Scheltgen Explicit

    You know that we love first responders, but we also have a special place in our hearts for those that love them too. Melissa is the spouse of a former corrections officer who had to leave his career due to PTSI. She is also a Clin...