E19 - The Menu (2022) Movie Review

From The Deep by From The Deep

Today, we're reviewing 2022's The Menu, now streaming on HBO Max. This episode has us on very opposite ends of the spectrum on whether or not this is a movie worth your time.

Jan 05 2023

Welcome from the deep, I am Mike Finder.
And I am Book of Brett.
And today we are talking about 2022's The Menu.
I didn't know too much about this going into it.
I think I had seen the trailer for this movie whenever I went and saw Violent Night in theaters
and I thought, oh, that looks pretty interesting, but I did not remember anything about it.
Did you know anything going into this?
No, no, I didn't know anything going into it until we were just looking for a movie
to do.
Brittany knew about it, which I found out after I watched it without her.
And so I didn't know anything about it, though.
Was she pissed?
Not happy.
Not happy.
I, I promised to go roller skating with her to make up for it.
I ran this by Nicole before I watched it without her because I knew that she had wanted to
see it

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