From Pain to Gain

by Ivan Alpha

This podcast exposes the blindspots on pain in society, so that you can hold space for gain...Instead of the natural inclination to avoid it all. Created by Real Estate Investor, Speaker and Author Ivan Alpha. Disclaimer: This is not advice or statements that will work for everyone, just sharing experiences from one human being to another based entirely on my experience. Your results may vary. Consult licensed professional(s) ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Reconciling Racism with Daryl Davis


    Reconciling Racism with Daryl Davis


    Award-winning Musician, Author, Lecturer, and Activist Daryl Davis shares his journey on making friends with hate group leaders & members. Groups such as the KKK & Nazis gave up their roles because they could not reconcile being friends with this great man, and being a part of said groups.

  • From Near Death to Maximum Life


    From Near Death to Maximum Life


    Dr Ravi Mandadi and I discuss the delicate topic of him seeing beyond death, to living his maximum life. We navigate his journey of what things to look out for if you fall into a similar thought process and how to break out of it, so you can also go beyond it into living your maximum life.

  • Laser- Targeting Addiction


    Laser- Targeting Addiction


    We jump into discussing how addiction affects the brain, the stages of recovery, and expert-level techniques & stories.

  • Tough Love vs Nurturing Love

    Tough Love vs Nurturing Love

    Zac & Ivan dive deep into how to get UNCAGED from balancing the bar of love.

  • Escaping Financial Pits

    Escaping Financial Pits

    Fredd and Ivan speak of their personal journeys of financial pitfalls they've faced, and how they escaped those.