Wednesday Night Book Club: Stranger in a Strange Land 1961/Robert A. Heinlein

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Episode notes

Welcome to another Wednesday Night Book Club, this week I discuss the book "Stranger in a Strange Land" 1961 by Robert A. Heinlein (recommended by Austin from acclaimed "Fried Rice Podcast" fame...)

Our resident old man, Mike, told me he read this in high school as a required reading.... So, basically, Austin chose homework for me, thanks Austin...

Luckily, this is actually quite an interesting book with a lot of complex themes, most of which I probably didn't understand or ignored to focus on all the fun Jubel Herschaw shenanigans. Plus, I was high 90% of the time I was listening to this audiobook, so I might not have even a 1970's high schooler's grasp on what I was supposed to get from the book other than enjoyment.

Next week's book(s): "The Chocolate War" 1974 by Robert Cormier, AAAAAANND the underrated sequel "Beyond the  ... 

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