Wednesday Night Book Club: Rose Madder 1995/Stephen King

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Episode notes

Hello, and welcome to the first "Wednesday Night Book Club" with your host, Andy Rice.

Of all the books I could have chosen to start this series off with, I chose a book about domestic violence... Oh well, it just happened to be the one I finished this week. Rose Madder 1995 by Stephen King is a book about a woman trying to escape her abusive husband who is way more of a monster than his heroics as a police officer would have you believe.

Since this is a prototype episode of "WNBC" I didn't do a full deep dive, and there are a few things I'll do differently next week, such as.... announcing the next book... stupid Andy....

Next Week's Book is.... "Lovecraft Country" 2016 by Matt Ruff (and maybe "The Destroyer of Worlds: A Return To Lovecraft Country" 2023 by Matt Ruff because I didn't know there was a sequel until right now an ... 

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