Completely Fried at Glitch Barcade

Fried Rice Podcast by Fried Rice Podcast

Episode notes

The ultimate team-up is here: Fried Rice Podcast vs The Completely Compromised Podcast LIVE at GLITCH BARCADIUM, the coolest bar in Havasu! The movie: 90's best superhero film, Steel!

It's a Shaq attack baby!

Who's podcast comes out on top? Or are we all losers for spending actual time out of our lives to watch Steel 1997 and then even more time to talk about it?

Find out on Fried Rice Podcast!

Check out our website: www.friedricepodcast.com

Call our VOICEMAIL: (702) 829-0117 and listen for this week's question!

(don't worry, Andy isn't sitting in his room, waiting by his phone like it's the 90s, just fiddling with the long chord, watching The Super Mario Bros Show...)

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