Ghosted on Mars, but that's Ok, who needs her anyways, I'll always have my weed, the only girl that's never let me down, the only thing in this life really that hasn't let me down..

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Episode notes

Booooooooooooo (ng)! This week, the gang goes to the future, on a different planet and watch the John Carpenter movie that made him stop making movies for about a decade, "Ghosts of Mars" 2001.

But also, you get an opportunity to meet our sponsor BellRingerz! That's right, the bell ringer himself is on and things get wild, and wilder, and even wildest yet on this show. Buckle Up

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(don't worry, Andy isn't sitting in his room, waiting by his phone like it's the 90s, just fiddling with the long chord, watching Angel...)

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