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Fried Rice Podcast by Fried Rice Podcast

Episode notes

This time on Fried Rice Podcast:

Andy fucks up the title of the podcast because he thought all of the Die Hard titles next to each other would be soooooo funny....

But also:

Andy and a whole mess load of his close friends, and Mike, get incredibly high and celebrate the season finale of Fried Rice Podcast! We discuss "Die Hard", and celebrate a little bit more of Christmas. Grab your favorite bong, pipe, joint, or whatever, and have some fun with us!

But also:

Its our season finale!!

Check out our website: www.friedricepodcast.com

Call our VOICEMAIL: (702) 829-0117 and listen for this week's question!

(don't worry, Andy isn't sitting in his room, waiting by his phone like ... 

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