The Kate Languages Podcast

by Kate Languages

The Kate Languages Podcast covers a wide range of education-related topics, from teacher wellbeing, to classroom management and ideas on teaching and learning foreign languages. While the majority of my content focuses on the experiences of MFL teachers in the UK, it is not exclusively for languages teachers - many of the broader themes are relevant to all teachers all over the world. For more information about me and my wor ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • Teaching Phonics in MFL

    Teaching Phonics in MFL

    In this final episode of season 5, I talk about teaching phonics in MFL. Namely, what teaching phonics is NOT! I talk you through 3 misconceptions about teaching phonics in MFL and explain my ideas about what it actually is.To dive deeper into all things teaching phonics in MFL, head to to access my online workshop on this exact topic!Joe Dale is my podcast editor and producer.Music is by Coma Media from Pixabay.

  • Teaching with a Family with Claire and Jen

    Teaching with a Family with Claire and Jen

    This week’s podcast episode (the penultimate one in this series!) is all about teaching with family, featuring the wonderful Claire and Jen. We recorded the episode with a live “audience” on Zoom back in September and it was such a great conversation 😃 It was both hilarious and inspiring, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it too! Joe Dale is my podcast editor and producer. Music is by Coma Media from Pixabay.

  • Making extra money as an MFL teacher

    Making extra money as an MFL teacher

    In this episode, I'm talking about money! More specifically, how you can make a bit of extra cash on the side as an MFL teacher. From private tuition, to selling resources and monetising your other skills and hobbies, this is a rundown of my top 5 ways of making yourself some extra income. My podcast producer is Joe Dale and the music is by Coma Media from Pixabay.

  • Exploiting one text

    Exploiting one text

    In this episode, I walk you through how to exploit one text in lots of different ways in an MFL lesson. From listening, to reading and translation, grammar, speaking and writing, I talk about how to cover every skill with just one text, instead of trying to find a different text for each skill.If you would like to dive deeper into this, I am running a 2-hour workshop on 3rd February 2024. For more info and to sign up, head here: Dale is my podcast producer and the music is by Coma Media from Pixabay.

  • AI and ChatGPT for MFL Teachers with Joe Dale

    AI and ChatGPT for MFL Teachers with Joe Dale

    In this episode, I interviewed the very fabulous Joe Dale about all things AI and ChatGPT for MFL teachers. We had a fascinating chat about what AI and ChatGPT actually are, plus how to use them effectively in your lesson planning and teaching.Joe needs little introduction to the majority of MFL teachers, particularly in the UK, but to those who don't know him, he is an independent ICT/MFL consultant. He's the go-to expert for anything to do with tech in the MFL classroom, and has presented at conferences and webinars all over the world.I am so fortunate to not only have had the opportunity to pick his brains about AI/ChatGPT, but he is also editing and producing this season of the podcast!Find Joe on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedInSign up to the Avant Assessment Webinar Series here: the Facebook group here: is by Coma-Media from Pixabay.