The Civil War with Kevin Yaney

by Kevin Yaney

Kevin Yaney, author of The Fourth of July trilogy, talks about different aspects of the American Civil War, what led to the war and how he came to write the historical fiction books that make up The Fourth of July trilogy.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Remembering the Civil War

    Remembering the Civil War

    Many of the ways we honor veterans have their roots in the Civil War. From military cemeteries to veterans' groups, after the war, there was a large effort to honor veterans from both the north and the south. In many ways, the effort to honor these veterans was a way to heal the nation. It was also a way to remind citizens of their rights and the price that was paid for them. Listen to our latest podcast.

  • Weapons of War

    Weapons of War

    The American Civil War was called the first modern war. That had to do with the advancement in weaponry and battlefield tactics. Prior to the 1860s, infantry and cavalry units fought in close quarters. Offensive military charges were boldly proclaimed as the way war was won. Forts made of upright timbers or stone walls guarded ports and rivers. However, Civil War arms changed all of that. The old way of warfare was found lacking in the Civil War and a new style of fighting emerged.

  • Moving the Army in the Civil War

    Moving the Army in the Civil War

    There has been a lot of things written about the American Civil War, but one of least talked about is the colossal effort it took to move the massive armies during the war. It was no small task to supply over 100,000 men. Everything that was needed had to be carried by individual soldiers or loaded and transported on wagons. If there wasn't a road, soldiers built it so that large transport wagon trains could travel with supplies behind the army. Listen as we discuss the importance of moving the army in the Civil War.

  • Five Fuses that Lit the Civil War

    Five Fuses that Lit the Civil War

    What caused the Civil War? The short answer is slavery. But what is there about the disagreement over slavery that led to the most horrific war in American history? Kevin Yaney and Selena Helvey talk about the five fuses that lit the Civil War.

  • What inspired the Fourth of July trilogy?

    What inspired the Fourth of July trilogy?

    Selena Helvey talks with Kevin Yaney about his Civil War trilogy of books: The Fourth of July. They talk about the ideas behind the characters of the story and they history of the war.