Capturing EigenLayer’s Risks and Rewards w/ YieldNest's Deo and Dan - Flywheel #104

Flywheel DeFi by DeFi Dave, kapital_k

Episode notes

In this episode of Flywheel, hosts DeFi Dave and Kapital K introduce YieldNest, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing the way users engage with liquid re-staking protocols (LRTs) and Automated Validator Selections (AVSs). Joined by YieldNest founders Deo (Amadeo Brands) and Dan, the conversation dives deep into the mechanics of re-staking, the assessment of risks associated with AVSs and LRTs, and the future of decentralized finance. Dio and Dan share their extensive backgrounds, from working in hedge funds and DAOs to their involvement in significant DeFi projects and protocols, emphasizing their commitment to decentralization and the innovative approach of YieldNest. The discussion also covers the complex landscape of DeFi, including the challenges of education within the space, the potential of meme coins merging with substantive technology, ... 

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