Memecoins, Airdrops, and Metas w/ Monkey Rothschild - Flywheel #103

Flywheel DeFi by DeFi Dave, kapital_k

Episode notes

In this episode of Flywheel, host Defi Dave goes solo with guest Monkey Rothschild, to explore the current state of the crypto market, including trends in meme coins, airdrops, and the performance of various tokens. They discuss the evolution of the market since Monkey's last appearance, focusing on the impact of Bitcoin ETFs, the rise of meme coins, and the strategic significance of airdrops in attracting and retaining users. The conversation also covers the market's transition into a 'picker's market,' how Ethereum and Solana have fared, and the effects of venture capital in the space. Additionally, they look into the dynamics of meme coins, liquidity fragmentation, and the influence of social media platforms like Twitter on public engagement and the monetization of attention concluding with insights into the Wassiverse project.

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