Breaking down $EIGEN, Restaking, Bitcoin and more w/ Tarun Chitra - Flywheel #102

Flywheel DeFi by DeFi Dave, kapital_k

Episode notes

In this episode of Flywheel, we had on Tarun from Gauntlet and Robot Ventures and special guest-host Chunda from Ion Protocol dive deep into the latest topics in crypto. They discuss the Eigen token's potential success and challenges, the tokenomics behind it, and decentralized systems' needs for attribution to ensure participant accountability. The conversation also touches on the concept of restaking in various crypto protocols, the evolving landscape of AVS and the predicted yield from these services in the future. Additionally, they explore meme coins' emergence as a new asset class, potential future black swan events in crypto, and the impact of Bitcoin staking and L2s on the overall crypto ecosystem.