Revolutionizing Fair Launches w/ Fjord Foundry - Flywheel #100

Flywheel DeFi by DeFi Dave, kapital_k

Episode notes

In this episode of Flywheel, we invited YamsI, Head of BD & strategy and VoKe from the Fjord Foundry team to discuss their Liquidity Bootstrapping Platform and its approach to revolutionizing token launches.

We explore the mechanisms of LBPs, the strategies for ensuring fair launches, and the significance of market makers in maintaining post-launch stability. We also got into Fjord Foundry's dedication to balancing project ambitions with community well-being, fostering transparency, and nurturing on-chain liquidity.

Through exploring the platform's journey, successes, and forward-looking plans, the script offers in-depth understanding of the nuanced challenges and strategies in managing token launches, from pre-launch preparations to achieving sustainable liquidity.

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