Episode notes

Hello, welcome to another episode of the Female Guides Requested Podcast. I am your host Ting Ting from Las Vegas. Today's guest is Kat Porter also known as Kat McKittens, the queen of the Meowtain. We connected through the AMGA members' Facebook group and I scored an interview with her when she came to Red Rock for work in April.

Kat is based in Maryland where her family resides but she often travels more than 6 months a year for work and play. She started her career in climbing as a competition climbing coach and had trained athletes at the national level. Her love for the outdoors brought her to guiding and her passion for high mountains led her to the pursuit of the "pin," that is, IFMGA Mountain Guide certification.

Kat's energy was radiant. From the conversation, I also sensed how organized and determined she is. She told me abo ... 

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