Episode notes

Elaina is an AMGA Rock Guide, Apprentice Alpine Guide, and AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Provider Trainer as well as a Level 2 IRATA/SPRAT Rope Access Technician.

She owns New River Mountain Guides and splits her time guiding in New River Gorge in summer and Red Rock Canyon in the rest of the year. She is currently a board member of the AMGA.

Elaina was a mentor of mine on my way to becoming an AMGA SPI Provider. She loves teaching and is always calm and extremely patient. I first met her at one of the AMGA annual meeting and I embarrassed myself by acting like a teenage fan of a rock star . I couldn't believe how she kept her encouraging smile listening to all my twitter.

I still acted like a fan when I interviewed her because she is just incredible - how she manages so many tasks is beyond me and I know she will be alway ... 

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