Episode notes

Tracy Martin is an AMGA certified Rock Guide, an artist, an entrepreneur, and if you want to get married in Vegas she can marry you in Red Rock Canyon. She has quite a slash career.

I first met Tracy when I was shadowing an AMGA's Women's SPI course in Joshua Tree taught by her and Elaina Arenz. We three all live in Las Vegas so we car pooled in Tracy's car. Tracy knew all the secret pee spots along the drive and magically pulled out pillows and blankets from nowhere in her small car when I was dozing off. It was cold in Joshua Tree and sure enough Tracy offered me a constant stream of hand warmers also stashed somewhere in her car. I know when working with Tracy, she is always prepared and I will be taken care of.

I liked Tracy right away. I adore her personality. She is kind, speaks her mind, defends her clients from crag bullies ar ... 

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