Episode notes

Episode Intro:

Dear listeners of the Female Guides Requested Podcast, happy Wednesday. I'm your host Ting Ting from Las Vegas. Today's episode is different from all the previous ones, and we also have our first male guest. This episode is the first episode of the new series, called Guides' Beta. There are many things guides want to know other than getting certifications. There are many questions guides want to ask. And this is my attempt to collect wisdom from the community.

In today's episode our guest Jed Porter talks about "independent guiding." Jed is an IFMGA/AMGA mountain guide. He writes articles and yearly reviews to help demystify guiding as a profession on his blog. He serves as the president of the CGC Board. CGC stands for Certified Guides Co-op. He guides more than 100 days a year and makes mo ... 

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