Feel in the Blank

by Iyanna McNeely and Kayla Scott

Two friends create a fun, interactive, and safe space to feel, heal, and navigate life together!

Podcast episodes

  • Thee Modern Woman

    Thee Modern Woman

    This week Iyanna and Kayla talk about their thoughts on being a modern vs. traditional woman. Through exploring their upbringings and experiences with love, they share which values they will keep and which they won't.

  • Unfiltered Media | Wendy's Legacy

    Unfiltered Media | Wendy's Legacy

    This week Iyanna and Kayla were inspired to talk about the state of media today after seeing the trailer of Wendy Williams new documentary.

  • Sugarbaby With A Ring

    Sugarbaby With A Ring

    This week on Feel in the Blank, Iyanna and Kayla catch up on listener submissions and talk about hot topics on social media such as Meg The Stallion vs. Nicki Minaj, Chrisean Rock getting Blueface tattooed on her face, to Draya allegedly being pregnant by a 21 year old NBA player.

  • Mixed Personalities Pt. 2

    Mixed Personalities Pt. 2

    This week, Iyanna and Kayla do a deep dive into their Enneagram test results and explain how to read your own chart!

  • Toxic Growth

    Toxic Growth

    With our generation focusing so much on growth, how much room does this truly leave for self-acceptance? This week Kayla and Iyanna talk about the thin line between constantly wanting to be better and accepting yourself, flaws and all!