Feel in the Blank

by Iyanna McNeely and Kayla Scott

Two friends create a fun, interactive, and safe space to feel, heal, and navigate life together!

Podcast episodes

  • Good Child, Bad Habits.

    Good Child, Bad Habits.

    This week Kayla and Iyanna are continuing a topic that was made popular on The Friend Zone - the impacts of growing up as the "good child." As they recount their childhood, Kayla and Iyanna discuss what experiences led them to wanting to be "good" in their parent's eyes and how that presents itself in other aspects today.

  • Are You Transparent Or Vulnerable?

    Are You Transparent Or Vulnerable?

    *Previously Aired* This week, Iyanna and Kayla talk about the concept of being transparent vs. vulnerable. As they discuss, feelings start to arise related to how transparency and vulnerability has been present, or the lack thereof, in their lives currently.

  • Sisterhood Heals

    Sisterhood Heals

    While we spend our lives searching for love in romance, we often times over look the deep, healing and transformative love that is present in sisterhood. This week Kayla and Iyanna recap their experience talking with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford on the release of her book, Sisterhood Heals.

  • Dear Little Me

    Dear Little Me

    Everyone has probably experienced that moment of "if I only knew." This week, Kayla and Iyanna speak to their younger selves and younger listeners about lessons they have learned that could have helped them in a younger stage of their lives.

  • Spooky Szn!

    Spooky Szn!

    This week Iyanna and Kayla share hot topics that are giving them the creeps in celebration of Halloween!