How Pesticides Are Contaminating Your Food And Killing Your Gut Microbiome! - with Dr. Wendie Trubow | Ep. 46

Gut Health Reset with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter by Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

Episode notes

Today on the Gut Health Reset Podcast, we are continuing our discussion with special guest Dr. Wendie Trubow by moving on to the topic of pesticides! Modern pesticides are typically chemical substances that the majority of farmers use on their crops to help deter insects and prevent viral infections. But despite their utility and nearly universal use, we know pesticides can be extremely harmful to your health, and gut microbiome. And you might just be surprised by how they can end up in your body!

In today’s episode, we will answer these questions:

- How can pesticides contaminate organic foods?

- How does the most common pesticide affect the gut?

- How can you rebuild your microbiome after pesticide contamination?

- What probiotics can help you counteract the effects of pesticides?

- Why should you be careful  ... 

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