How is Lyme Disease Related To Mental Health? - with Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer | Ep. 36

Gut Health Reset with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter by Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

Episode notes

Today on the Gut Health Reset Podcast, we are returning to the topic of Lyme disease, and how it can be connected to mental health. We’ve discussed how certain gut issues can be associated with chronic Lyme disease before, but now we’re exploring how it can also cause depression, anxiety, fatigue, and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

This episode will explain how Lyme can be a contributing factor in some of these issues, autoimmune conditions, epigenetics, and more with returning guest Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer!


We answer these questions:

- Is lyme disease linked to mental health?

- What are PANS and PANDAS?

- What is molecular mimicry and why is it a problem?

- How our environments can affect our epigenetics!

- And more!


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