Jumpstart Your Gut Health And Improve Your Mood With Probiotics! - with Sylvia Hall | Ep. 35

Gut Health Reset with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter by Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

Episode notes

Our microbiome health is critical for our overall health, and promoting good bacteria in our gut is critical for a healthy microbiome. And now, with new discoveries indicating how not just your physical health, but emotional and mental health are tied to the gut, the microbiome has become even more important. That’s why we need probiotics that help build up our good gut bacteria, and resources that can help us better understand all these complex issues!

That’s why today, we are talking all about the connection between gut health, mood, probiotics, and more with Sylvia Hall!


We answer these questions:

- How is mood linked to the brain and the gut?

- What should you do before every meal?

- What does the connection between gut health, mood, and probiotics look like?

- What are some tips for using probiot ... 

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