The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming IBS! - with Dr. Mark Pimentel | Ep. 28

Gut Health Reset with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter by Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

Episode notes

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who struggles with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? IBS is one of the most common chronic disorders globally, but despite being so common, IBS is often misunderstood. That’s why, in today’s episode, we are explaining IBS, the potential causes of IBS, SIBO, stress, how diet can help or hurt with IBS, and more with Dr. Mark Pimentel!


We answer these questions:

- What is IBS?

- What are some of the top causes for IBS?

- What symptoms could indicate IBS?

- How does SIBO relate to IBS?

- Why do women seem to be more affected than men by IBS?

- Does stress affect IBS?

- What sorts of foods make IBS worse?

- And more!


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