The Asbury Awakening: One Year Later

Faith in the Folds by Kevin Burr

Episode notes

In February of 2023, something extraordinary happened at Asbury University: worshippers stayed in the Hughes Auditorium, and students began to sing and pray non-stop for the next few weeks. Timothy Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary, wrote of the events while they were taking place: “Several people have commented on some of the differences between these sacred days and the more well-known outpouring which took place in February of 1970.  A lot has been said about the impact of social media in telling the story, or about the focus on worship.  However, a deeper look at this outpouring reveals that it has the same elements which are found in any authentic revival:  people repenting of their sins; people being filled with the Holy Spirit; men and women finding reconciliation with God and their neighbor; people capturing ... 

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