Faith in the Folds

by Kevin Burr

“Faith in the Folds” is a podcast for ministry, biblical studies, and Christian living. Find videos on YouTube and Facebook, and audio-only on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, and podcast venues everywhere. Follow us on Twitter @faithinthefolds and Instagram @faithinthefolds.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Jesus, Gospels, and Inspiration with Mike Licona

    Jesus, Gospels, and Inspiration with Mike Licona

    Do the gospels really contradict each other? What does it mean for the Bible to be "inspired"? Michael Licona joins me again on the podcast to talk about these issues and his new book Jesus, Contradicted: Why the Gospels Tell the Same Story Differently (Zondervan Academic, 2024). You can find Mike's personal ministry Risen Jesus here: Mike's new book Jesus, Contradicted is available from Zondervan Academic: Or you can find Mike's book on Amazon:

  • Reaching Gen Z with Oikos Church in Memphis

    Reaching Gen Z with Oikos Church in Memphis

    Joining me again on the podcast is Smith Hopkins, a longtime friend and a church planter in the University district of Memphis, Tennessee. Smith works with Oikos Church, a church plant in partnership with Highland Church of Christ in Cordova, TN (greater Memphis area). Smith and I talk about the challenges of church planting in an urban area, and what he has learned in almost three years of working with a church plant. It was a joy to catch up with Smith and to hear about the good things God is doing with Oikos. You can find more about Oikos Church here:

  • CORE Apologetics with Benjamin Shaw

    CORE Apologetics with Benjamin Shaw

    Joining me on the podcast is Dr. Benjamin Shaw, President of CORE Apologetics and Adjunct Professor for Liberty University and Colorado Christian University. Today Ben and I talk about his interest and work in apologetics, a Christian ministry dedicated to helping others find meaningful answers to their questions about faith, God, Jesus, evil, reality, and so much more. CORE Apologetics, Ben has several publications to his name which are linked below. Coming July 30, 2024 from InterVarsity Press, Trustworthy: Thirteen Arguments for the Reliability of the New Testament, For more of Ben's work, you can follow him and his associates here,

  • The Asbury Awakening: One Year Later

    The Asbury Awakening: One Year Later

    In February of 2023, something extraordinary happened at Asbury University: worshippers stayed in the Hughes Auditorium, and students began to sing and pray non-stop for the next few weeks. Timothy Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary, wrote of the events while they were taking place: “Several people have commented on some of the differences between these sacred days and the more well-known outpouring which took place in February of 1970.  A lot has been said about the impact of social media in telling the story, or about the focus on worship.  However, a deeper look at this outpouring reveals that it has the same elements which are found in any authentic revival:  people repenting of their sins; people being filled with the Holy Spirit; men and women finding reconciliation with God and their neighbor; people capturing a renewed love for Jesus, the gospel and the Holy Scriptures.  All of the above has been happening here day after day.” ( On the one-year anniversary of the 2023 #AsburyRevival, I speak with Timothy Tennent to ask him to reflect on last year’s outpouring and to comment on what fruit has come in the year that followed. He spoke of many students’ repentance, as well as the deep prayer life that many have developed since then. 

  • Helping the Hurting with Matt Collins

    Helping the Hurting with Matt Collins

    Four years ago, an EF 4 tornado devastated the I-40 corridor from Nashville, TN and eastward. While the physical damage was largely contained to Middle Tennessee, the loss of life was felt the world over. Four year old Hattie Jo Collins passed away when the tornado swept through Cookeville, TN. In the aftermath, Matt and Macy Collins began The Magnolia Foundation, a non-profit organization for helping families who have lost children. You can find The Magnolia Foundation here: