Failing to Save the Earth

by Cherri Foytlin

What if one of the most effective ways to save our battered and feverish planet lies in our failure to be able to do so? “Failing to Save the Earth,” is a revolutionary dual-tool for frontline and fence line organizers who wish to achieve greater effectiveness by facing potential failures head-on. Forget the old concept of movement “wins'' or “losses,” this podcast and guide-booklet (coming soon!) are an invitation to rethink ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Failing Self

    Failing Self

    In the last episode of the “Failing to Save the Earth” podcast series, Julie “Mama Julz” Dreamer of Mother’s Against Meth Alliance, shares stories of her years of direct action participation. While dealing with intense intimidation, the water and land protector describes how she manages self-care and the importance of finding joy in the movement.

  • "Failing Plans"

    "Failing Plans"

    Episode Five is co-hosted by veteran justice organizer, water protector, Lakota language teacher, and Indigenous Doula - Waniya Locke. In a very deep conversation, Waniya and Cherri dive deep into motherhood and activism, the struggle of this work, and the intersections of language, Native women's health, and the intentional destruction of Mother Earth.

  • "Failing Serendipity"

    "Failing Serendipity"

    Long time organizer, Cindy Spoon (Tar Sands Blockade, LELV, Frack Free Denton...), co-hosts this week’s podcast. Listen as Cindy and Cherri discuss Roe v Wade, the Denton Fracking Ban, and serendipitous opportunities in social justice campaigns.

  • “Failing Spirit”

    “Failing Spirit”

    In this week’s episode water protector Joye Braun (Indigenous Environmental Network) co-hosts the podcast, sharing her thoughts as a NoDAPL founding organizer on “losing” the struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. We explore the value of centering spirituality, “lighting fires” along the way, and deepening our understanding of the meaning of “successful.”

  • “Failing Climate”

    “Failing Climate”

    Ramon Mejia of About Face co-hosts this episode which will focus on how the perception of failure can prohibit participation in justice movements. We will discuss the influence, and perceived failures, of past Anti-War Movements. Also the obvious, and often overlooked, conversation around militarization and the climate and the power of reframing.