Face Your Faith

by West Kenyon

FaceYourFaith.com is the online teaching ministry and archives of Four Peaks Christian Church. We designed this resource to help and encourage those who are serious to Challenge Their Faith in order to live out God's Word in boldness, sincerity, humility and free from fear and defeat. It’s time to get very real, and back to Christ centered basics, becoming hungry students of God’s Word. You can visit us at either

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Measuring Faith

    Measuring Faith

    How much faith do you have?

  • Together But Separate

    Together But Separate

    How do Christians live in the world, but not of it?

  • Fact or Fiction • Part 2

    Fact or Fiction • Part 2

    Can you find it in the Bible? Listen now to Part 2 of Fact or Fiction.

  • Fact or Fiction• Part 1

    Fact or Fiction• Part 1

    Biblical quotes that aren't in the Bible.www.FourPeaksChurch.com

  • Running From God

    Running From God

    Why do we so often run to God when we are in trouble, and run from God when we want get into trouble? Listen Now!Visit us at www.FaceYourFaith.com