Episode notes

Episode 10 of the F-Rated podcast features a conversation with Briony Hanson, the British Council's Director of Film. Holly Tarquini, the founder of the F Rating, hosts the episode solo since her colleague Anu Anand is away. Briony Hanson's impressive background includes directing the Script Factory Training Organisation, heading Tyneside Cinema and the BFI Programme Unit, co-programming London's LGBTIA Plus Film Festival, chairing BAFTA's original debut award jury, and being a critic for BBC Radio 4's Front Row and Saturday Review shows.

Briony describes her role at the British Council, which is the UK's cultural relations organisation. The council aims to build trust between the people of the UK and people around the world, using various tools, including the arts. As the Director of the Film Team, Briony's job involves championing UK film ... 

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