Espresso Yourself with Chuck

by Chuck Knapp

Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas President and CEO Chuck Knapp visits with guests about their career paths, experiences, and their advice in preparing for successful futures.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Cindy Fenton

    Cindy Fenton

    Are you a crime junkie who enjoys hearing about the details of legal battles and the pursuit of justice? Then you may enjoy a career in court reporting! Chuck visits with Cindy Fenton who talks about the many benefits of this unique career.

  • Kena Dacus

    Kena Dacus

    Chuck visits with Kena Dacus, owner of Dacus Auto Body and Collision Repair in McPherson, KS, about the importance of creating an inviting work culture (supportive environment, four day workweek, etc.) and offers great advice for students looking to succeed in any career field.

  • Heather Crump Deters

    Heather Crump Deters

    Chuck visits with Heather Crump-Deters, Community Impact Manager for Education at the United Way of the Plains. Heather shares how she was able to overcome some of the challenges of her youth by being decisive and just "doing something." Even if you change your path - which you probably will - everything you learn will benefit you in some way. Heather was also a teacher before moving into the non-profit sector.

  • LTC Bryan Gregory

    LTC Bryan Gregory

    Chuck visits with LTC Bryan Gregory with the Kansas Army National Guard about the benefits of enlisting in the Guard (100% college tuition assistance, great benefits, opportunities to see the world), as well as his own story of how he's had the chance to work over 35 jobs so far!

  • Alex Grecian

    Alex Grecian

    Chuck visits with New York Times best-selling author Alex Grecian about the importance of following up, the different publishing options for modern writers, and the difference between a "pantser" and a "plotter."