Grounded In Our God Given Identity with Kelly Needham (S:3 - Ep 53)

Exploring the Marketplace by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes
Today on Exploring the Marketplace, Shawn Bolz and Bob Hasson interview Kelly Needham. Kelly is an Author of Purposefooled along with multiple books with major U.S. publishers, she currently co-leads a women's teaching program, training women to accurately handle the word of truth and co-hosts Clearly with Jimmy and Kelly Needham podcast. Tune in as Shawn, Bob and Kelly her life experiences with both the extraordinary and the mundane--and wrestling with feelings of disappointment along the way. Kelly shares the keys to living a meaningful life today instead of wearing ourselves out trying to reach the next big thing and how to discover for ourselves the truth that changes everything: we weren't made to do something, but to know Someone. Tune in!