Episode #5 “Space Repetition Algorithms"

ExoDexa Podcast- Featuring Nolan Bushnell and Dr. Leah Hanes by Joe Rovinsky

Episode notes
NEW Episode Release! Episode #5 “Space Repetition Algorithms” features a discussion on “Space Repetition Algorithms” and their impact on knowledge acquisition. Nolan and Dr. Hanes discuss how ExoDexa is going to revolutionize the delivery of exciting/engaging instructional content. “Space Repetition Algorithms” focus on content retention and reinforcement. Nolan explains this complex concept as well as integration into the “gamified” learning environment."ExoDexa is the ultimate gamified learning platform that turns learners into passionate problem solvers." Founded by visionary Nolan Bushnell. We are producing not only the most innovative, evolutionary “gamified” education platform but also a variety of unique content, podcasts and deep insights into the education and gaming industry.