Episode 14. AI and the Emerging Impact on Society

ExoDexa Podcast- Featuring Nolan Bushnell and Dr. Leah Hanes by Joe Rovinsky

Episode notes
"ExoDexa is the ultimate gamified learning platform that turns learners into passionate problem solvers." Founded by visionary the “father of video games” founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, Nolan Bushnell! Should we regulate AI? Can we really regulate AI? How will AI shape and change our society for generations to come? AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the hot topic of discussion in almost all circles of society.In this episode, Nolan and Dr. Hanes have an open dialog on the powerful impact AI is (and will) have on all aspects of our lives. Nolan’s insight in business development, technology and embracing the future is an extremely asset to those who are yearning for genuine leadership/guidance on the emergence of AI. AI, its impact on all aspects of society, preparing teachers, and students for its growth will all be encompassed in future episod ...   ...  Read more