Executive Career Upgrades

by Tim Madden

Welcome to the Executive Career Upgrades Podcast with your hosts, Tim and Kristina Madden. Here we share tactics and strategies each week to help business professionals targeting multiple 6 Figures navigate this current job market so that they can land the job they deserve! Whether you need help with your branding, getting on more interviews, converting interviews to offers, maximizing your compensation, or mindset clarity,  ... 

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Podcast episodes

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  • Strategies for Building a Resilient Company Culture

    Strategies for Building a Resilient Company Culture

    🎙️ Catch the Replay: ECU Podcast Episode 120 - "Strategies for Building a Resilient Company Culture" 🚀 Missed the live broadcast? No problem! Tune into the replay of a crucial episode where we unlock the secrets to fostering a resilient workplace culture. This episode is a goldmine for leaders seeking to empower their teams to face uncertainty with confidence. Hosts Tim and Kristina Madden take you through a deep exploration of the strategies and insights vital for nurturing a culture that not only survives but thrives amid challenges. Discover actionable insights, expert advice, and practical tips for embedding resilience into the fabric of your organization. This episode is packed with valuable knowledge for any leader aiming to navigate change, bounce back from setbacks, or drive growth with a resilient mindset. Transform your company's culture and create a lasting impact with the wisdom shared in Episode 120. Whether you're at the helm of navigating your organization through turbulent times or looking to build a foundation of strength, this discussion offers the tools and strategies you need to forge ahead. Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Replay available now for a session that could redefine the future of your company. Your journey to a more resilient and adaptable organization starts here. 🚀 Join us for an inspiring conversation that can change the course of your company’s culture. We're excited to share this journey with you!

  • Success Unveiled: The Ultimate Planner for Fearless Executives

    Success Unveiled: The Ultimate Planner for Fearless Executives

    🎙️ Missed the Live Broadcast? Catch the Replay of "Success Unveiled: The Ultimate Planner for Fearless Executives" on The ECU Podcast! 🚀 Dive into the world of executive success with a special episode featuring the "Success Unveiled Planner," meticulously crafted by best-selling author Kristina Madden. This isn’t just a planner; it's a gateway to transforming your professional life, bundled with the empowering insights of "The Fearless Executive." 📚 Discover how these tools can revolutionize your approach to achieving your dreams. Kristina Madden's dynamic duo, now available on Amazon, is designed to be your ultimate allies in navigating the path to executive brilliance. This replay is a treasure trove of strategies, insights, and inspiration for anyone looking to supercharge their leadership skills and career trajectory. Whether you’re an established executive or on your way to becoming one, this episode offers the guidance you need to unlock your full potential and step into your power as a fearless leader. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Tune in to the replay and embark on your journey to fearless executive success with Kristina Madden's "Success Unveiled Planner" and "The Fearless Executive.

  • Turning Interviews into Offers: Insider Tips

    Turning Interviews into Offers: Insider Tips

    Ready to transform job interviews into job offers? Catch the replay of this insightful episode where Tim Madden reveals strategies top executives use to seize career-changing opportunities. Gain valuable insights into interview prep, communication, and negotiation. Learn to leave a lasting impression, tackle tough questions, and secure the compensation you deserve. Don't miss out on supercharging your interview skills! And listen, if after the replay you realize you need job search support, let us help. We’ve helped thousands of Directors, VPs, and Executives to land their dream roles in as little as 90 days. Visit https://execupgrades.com/podcast to learn more.

  • Procrastination and Stress - Navigating the Connection

    Procrastination and Stress - Navigating the Connection

    🎙️ Missed It Live? Catch the Replay of Episode 117: "Procrastination and Stress - Navigating the Connection" 🚀 Explore the intricate relationship between procrastination and stress in the executive realm in this engaging episode. Hosted by Tim and Kristina Madden, we dissect the time and stress management challenges that plague Directors, VPs, and Executives, unveiling strategies that lead to career elevation. 📅 This episode offers a treasure trove of insights for any executive aiming to boost productivity and reach career goals in 2024. From overcoming procrastination to mastering stress in a leadership role, gain practical insights and actionable advice tailored for the fast-paced executive lifestyle. 💡 Hear personal success stories, learn expert tips to combat procrastination, and discover strategies to navigate stress effectively. This episode is your gateway to a more productive and stress-managed professional life. Don't let procrastination and stress derail your career. Tune in to the replay of Episode 117 on the Executive Career Upgrades Podcast and embark on your journey to conquer these challenges head-on. 🚀 Elevate your career and well-being today!

  • Turning Layoffs into Triumphs: The Executive Comeback Blueprint

    Turning Layoffs into Triumphs: The Executive Comeback Blueprint

    🎙️ ECU Podcast Episode 116: Turning Layoffs into Triumphs: The Executive Comeback Blueprint Catch the replay of our transformative episode and explore how executives can bounce back stronger after layoffs. This is an essential listen for anyone facing career setbacks or looking to enhance their resilience in the corporate world. 💡 In Episode 116, our hosts, Tim and Kristina Madden examine the inspiring stories of executives who turned their layoffs into triumphant comebacks. Learn about the strategies and secrets that enabled these leaders not just to survive but to thrive after significant career setbacks. 🌐 This episode is a masterclass in resilience, determination, and strategic thinking. It's a testament to the power of bouncing back with a stronger, more focused approach to one's career. Whether you're a seasoned executive or navigating a challenging phase in your leadership journey, these insights are invaluable. 🔗 Don't miss this opportunity to discover the blueprint for turning setbacks into comebacks. Mark your calendar and catch the replay to learn how to transform career obstacles into opportunities for growth and success. 🎓 Join us as accomplished leaders share their experiences navigating the turbulent waters of corporate life and emerging even stronger. This episode will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to reshape your career trajectory and bounce back stronger than ever.