Raising the Barbells: Fit and Fabulous After the Age of 40!

Evolve Wellness Experience by Dr. Bill Jensen

Episode notes

Picture this: a 9-year-old kid witnessing his dad hustle day in and day out, only to face a health crisis that changed everything. Fast forward, and that same kid, now a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and former bodybuilding champ, is on a mission to rewrite the fitness story for families worldwide.

Dr. Balduzzi, the brains and brawn behind the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project, joins us today to share his journey from tragedy to triumph. With dual degrees in Nutrition and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, he's not just sculpting bodies but changing lives.

So, grab your protein shake, kick back, and get ready for a conversation that's not just about reps and sets but about resilience, family wellness, and maybe a few ninja moves. It's time to dive into the Fit Father's world – welcome, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi!

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